About Fort Bend Conservative Club

Organization Purpose

The purpose of the Fort Bend Conservative Club is to promote an environment in which candidates possessing high ethical principles and a clear vision of the future can be elected.

Members of the Fort Bend Conservative Club believe that those services that can be provided reasonably, responsibly, ethically and effectively by the private sector should be left to the private sector. Those services which can only be provided by the government should be done utilizing fiscal restraint and with the least intrusion into personal and business privacy and should be subject to strict measures of accountability.

To further these purposes, the Fort Bend Conservative Club is empowered to solicit, directly or indirectly, and accept personal contributions, and to make expenditures in connection with the attempt to influence the selection, nomination or election of any individual to any State or Local office. The Fort Bend Conservative Club's support of political candidates is based upon the candidate’s support of conservative fiscal policies and the preservation of our quality of life in Fort Bend County. The Fort Bend Conservative Club will support or oppose legislation or ordinances based on our conservative principles.

The Fort Bend Conservative Club is a state political action committee, and as such, on occasion may endorse / support candidates.